May 27, 2024

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Tag: building needs assessment

USD 434 Santa Fe Trail seems in violation of building needs assessments law

Unified School District 434 Santa Fe Trail appears to be in violation of state law K.S.A. 72-1163, which requires local…

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Students are trapped in the twilight zone of public education

Imagine, if you will, entering the Kansas State Capitol Visitor Center and beginning the long walk through an underground stone…

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SB 428 reinforces school board members’ ability to conduct needs assessments

Senate Bill 428 (SB 428), currently in front of the Kansas Senate Committee on Education, would force district administrations to…

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KASB budget advice is contrary to state law, silent on improving outcomes

Kansas school board members are getting budget advice from the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) that is contrary to…

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School officials’ accreditation testimony exposes assault on academic achievement

You might think that mandating loss of accreditation for requiring school districts that don’t comply with state law would not…

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Survey: Bipartisan majorities in JOCO want education savings accounts

In our current political climate, it seems nearly impossible to get Democrats and Republicans to agree on what day it…

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Next KSBRC workshops to focus on creating effective school budgets

The next series of training sessions offered by the Kansas School Board Resource Center (KSBRC) will help school board members…

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KSBRC holds first training workshops on building needs assessments

The Kansas School Board Resource Center has begun a series of training workshops for board members to help them be…

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Tax, education issues await legislators’ return this month

The Kansas Legislature returns on April 25th with a host of issues awaiting its attention and that of the governor.…

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