September 28, 2023

Keeping Media and Government Accountable.

Tag: Brent Yeager

2022 pay increases for some school administrators dwarf teacher pay

The average teacher pay increased by 4.3% (contracted base salary) in the 2022 school year, but some administrators received much…

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Taxpayer exposes Olathe school board president’s bullying, misinformation tactics

The Olathe school district says it won’t tolerate bullying and harmful behavior, which should also apply to school board members. …

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ONEA opposes parental notification on gender pronouns

ONEA, the Olathe chapter of the NEA teacher union, says parents should not be notified that their children wish to…

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Olathe super continues dodging questions about DEI, 1619 Project

Olathe school officials last year said they purged the school website of DEI resources and links, but the widely-debunked 1619…

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Blue Valley, Olathe: open enrollment brings undesirable students

School officials’ rejection of an open enrollment bill in the Kansas legislature offers a rare glimpse of an elitist attitude…

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JoCo school boards request political ‘cover’ from commissioners

“Legal department had not made final review,” wrote Johnson County Commission Chair Ed Eilert , explaining why the school district…

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