December 6, 2023

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Tag: 1619 Project

Olathe super continues dodging questions about DEI, 1619 Project

Olathe school officials last year said they purged the school website of DEI resources and links, but the widely-debunked 1619…

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Rep. Patrick Penn exposes goal of critical race theory at education hearing

Rep. Patrick Penn, (R-Wichita), presented a graduate-level course on CRT, particularly focused on why it is — contrary to continued…

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Make no mistake: local elections aren’t nonpartisan

All across Kansas, people who never thought they would run for office are seeking election in nonpartisan races for local…

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1619 Project, critical race theory in Wichita schools

Red, White, and Black – Rescuing American History from Revisionists and Race Hustlers is, according to its publisher, “corrective to…

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Critical race theory is #1 priority of National Education Association

The #1 priority of the National Education Association – the nation’s largest teacher union – is indoctrinating students with critical…

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Biden admin pushes critical race theory in public schools

Federal lawmakers and the Biden administration are aiming to direct civics curriculum in public schools, and critics fear their efforts…

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