February 22, 2024

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Supreme Court Decision Helps Missouri “Medication” Abortion Law

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On Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court decided not to hear a challenge to an Arkansas law that restricts so-called “medication abortions.”

Missouri has recently passed into law an almost identical measure. The law stipulates that abortion providers must contract with a physician who has admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

Arkansas is the first state to make “medication abortion,” if not impossible to perform, at least very difficult.

With the Supreme Court passing on the Arkansas case, it lengthens the odds against Planned Parenthood, which has sued Missouri to overturn its law, prevailing in court.

Brandon Hill, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Great Plains, claimed “women who will suffer as a result” if the Arkansa law remains in place. By “suffering” Hill means they will have to drive farther if they want to terminate the life of their child.

Planned Parenthood Great Plains operates the Arkansas clinic as well as clinics in Missouri and Kansas. Hill described the Arkansas law as “the triumph of politicians over science.”

The “science” in question makes the killing of an unborn child slightly less messy. A medication abortion typically begins with the administration of a drug at the abortion clinic and a second drug usually at the patient’s home.

“Complications from the procedure are rare, with fewer than 1 in 400 patients requiring hospitalization,” writes KCUR’s Dan Margolies. Complications may be rare for the mother, but if the child is considered a “patient,” complications are inevitable and fatal.

Margolies claims that since Planned Parenthood allegedly cannot find any physicians in Arkansas willing to be complicit in the death of a child, Arkansas this becomes “the first state in the nation to ban medication abortions.”

The reasons physician will not cooperate, insists Planned Parenthood, is because “physicians fear harassment and possible violence directed at them and their families.”

The fact that some physicians may find involvement with this unholy procedure morally repugnant does not seem to have occurred to anyone at Planned Parenthood.



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