May 18, 2024

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Shocker: KU Daily Kansan Treats Trump Inauguration Fairly

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KU article on Trump inauguration is refreshingly balanced.

“A breath of fresh air and a chapter of unknown,” leads Hailey Dixon in a nicely balanced article in the KU newspaper, The Daily Kansan. “These are unique sentiments three University students are feeling as President-elect Donald Trump begins his term as President of the United States.”

While some universities–Ohio State among them–are offering ‘safe spaces’ for their students on Inauguration Day,Dixon’s article leads with a photo and quote from a KU student who is an unapologetic Trump fan and is brave enough to be one on a front page of a university publication. Given that students across the nation have been pouting and crying since November at the very thought of a Trump presidency, the Dixon article is the real breath of fresh air. The article can use a little work on syntax, but syntax can be corrected a whole lot easier than bias.

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