February 27, 2024

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Save the Persecuted Christians Conference Comes to KC on 22nd

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To read the news one would think that Christians are more likely to be persecutors than to be persecuted. One day, they are denying a wedding cake to some aggrieved gay couple. The next day they are conspiring to take away some poor woman’s “reproductive rights.”

In the real world, however, the world beyond America’s blinkered newsrooms, Christians are being persecuted in horrific ways on an almost daily basis. As reported yesterday in the Sentinel,  more than 6,000 Christians in Nigeria, mostly women and children, have been slaughtered by Fulani Muslims since January, and the media refuse to hear.

In an effort to educate people in the bi-state area, the organization “Save the Persecuted Christians” will be hosting a one-day conference in Overland Park on Saturday, September 22 called “Unveiling Sharia.” Tickets are just $12 and include lunch.

Speakers include:

  • Senior Pastor Stephen Broden, Fair Park Bible Fellowship
  • Frank Gaffney, President, Center for Security Policy
  • Senior Pastor Jason Porter, The IC2:2 Church
  • Bill Federer, The American Minute
  • Phil Haney, DHS Whistleblower and author

The organization hosts a Drudge-style website that tells a grim tale about persecution around the world, most from Islamic forces but not all. Some examples:

NICARAGUA – Christians attacked, detained and killed as ‘enemies of the regime’

PAKISTAN – Christian Loses Sight in One Eye in Attack by Muslim Neighbors

Iran–Four Christians in Iran Appeal Prison Sentences for Alleged Missionary Activities. 

The September 22 conference leaders plan to demystify Sharia law and explain its ramifications for Christians everywhere. An RSVP would be very helpful.

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