February 24, 2024

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Protestors Shut Down St. Louis Mall, State Rep Arrested

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About 100 protestors marched through the Galleria Mall near St. Louis on Friday chanting “shut it down” and “these killer cops have to go.”

Although the protestors did succeed in shutting down the mall for an hour, it was they who finally had “to go.” Seven of those who refused to disperse were arrested by the “killer cops” including Democratic state representative Bruce Franks, Jr.

Rep. Bruce Franks, Jr.

Franks was fronting for an organization called “No Justice, No Profit.” The group’s web site lists the Galleria as its primary target largely, it seems, because the mall is central to the area’s economy.

“Richmand Heights gets half of its revenue from sales taxes,” exclaims the web site. “The Galleria Mall is the largest tax payer!” After an earlier protest, the NJNP crowd took exception to the fact that the Richmond Heights police discouraged their rampage through private property. This only broadened the target on the Galleria’s back.

The web site then lists the various stores at the mall and the reason they need to be boycotted. Target, for instance, has been selling a number of books about civil rights leader Rosa Parks.

Says the NJNP web site in response, “We won’t help you rape our Heritage! They are stealing our legacy and trying to silence our contributions to their history! Don’t spend your money at Target!!”

Schnucks is “the largest contributor to the Republican Party of any grocer.” If that were not sin enough, the NJNP accuses Schnucks of creating “Food Deserts in areas where fresh food is needed the most.” A nearby Phillips 66 Gas Station is to be boycotted because a clerk shot a man there. And on it goes.

The irony, which seems to be fully missed by the organizers, is that by urging followers to boycott these enterprises and to harass their customers, the NJNP swarm troopers will help create a whole lot of “deserts” in minority communities, starting with a mall desert.

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