June 19, 2024

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Principal silent on alleged drag queen discussion in Shawnee middle school

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A Trailridge Middle School parent is outraged, but the school principal is mum about allegations that their child was subjected to a lengthy discussion and demonstration of a drag queen show during a recent class.  Trailridge is in the Shawnee Mission school district.

The parent took to social media and recounted an incident relayed by their middle school daughter, which the girl claimed happened the day a substitute took over her choir class. The parent protested in an email to Trailridge Middle School Principal Matt Engler:

“My daughter said that a lot of the class was spent with the teacher going into how her son is a drag queen, then proceeded to show the children the drag show routine that her son performed. Now, I know you wouldn’t allow a drag queen performance on school grounds, so why is this teacher showing students one? This very much feels like the teacher overstepped her boundaries as a teacher and frankly makes me trust the teachers less than I already do, to make sure they are being appropriate with my child.

“My 8th grader was visibly upset when she got home and upon finding out what took place I am gut-wretched about the incident.

“This is wrong. It is your and my job to protect them. I am happy to meet with you in person if you wish as well. I have never in my life reached out to a teacher or principal about the safety of my child or myself until today. I am a Trailridge graduate myself, as is my father. I don’t find this behavior acceptable. I’d like to hear what the course of action is.”

We reached out to Principal Engler to confirm this incident took place as alleged, and if so, was district policy violated, and have there been similar complaints lodged by other parents. We received no response.


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