March 26, 2023

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Part II: Chris Stigall Answers the Sentinel’s 20 Questions

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In Part II of this interview, former KCMO talk radio host Chris Stigall shares his regrets and ambitions.

In Part II of this interview, former KCMO talk radio host Chris Stigall shares his regrets and ambitions.

Who was your most disappointing guest?

I’d need more room to list them all.

What do you miss most about Kansas City?

Well, my dearest friends and my entire extended family live there.  Watching the Royals win it all – while I was so lucky to see the wins – I couldn’t be there for the parade. Watching big celebrations at Arrowhead, the K, in Downtown – that’s still tough.

How is your family doing?

I’m so proud of them.  My three kids don’t remember much of KC except their grandparents, of course. Philadelphia is largely where they’ve grown up. My wife Christine has made many great friends.  They feel very good about living here.

What drew you to conservatism?

Most of my family voted Republican growing up.  I always liked the counter culture character of Alex P. Keaton. So initially, I kind of clung to Republicanism like a brand. Slowly, listening to guys like Rush Limbaugh, and being encouraged to dive deeper into ideology by a couple of close friends – I began to identify as a conservative – not necessarily a Republican at all. There is a big difference I’ve learned over the years!

Can you name a book or two that inspired you?

Politically, Rush’s first “The Way Things Ought to Be” was my first baptism in conservatism.  Everything Thomas Sowell writes I’ve attempted to absorb.  Really learning about free markets influenced my perspective greatly.

Who is your favorite contemporary political figure?

I’ve had the privilege of spending substantial time with Ted and Heidi Cruz and must say they are a remarkable pair. She’s every bit as impressive as he is. Rock solid, grounded, genuine, principled people. The country is better for them in public life.

Who is your favorite media person?

There is no one before Rush Limbaugh for me. A close second is the newly minted Tucker Carlson. Both conservatives of good cheer.  Role models for our side in debates, in my opinion.

Who is your least favorite?

I won’t name names, but I’ll just say this. I respect hard core liberals more than personalities who pretend they’re unaffiliated, or moderate, etc. It’s baloney. They’re liberals who don’t want to upset anyone at a cocktail party. It’s easy to look like the ‘smartest guy in the room” when you take all sides of an issue or an election.

How did you spend election night?

I was on the air until midnight or so. When it appeared it would run late – I went to a nearby hotel room and watched until Podesta came out and said Hillary wouldn’t have anything to say that night/morning. Shortly after, they called PA for Trump which was a blast! Great to be in the state that brought it home for him! First time since Reagan a Republican has carried PA.

Any ambitions beyond Philadelphia?

I’m always listening, never really shopping.  I like having a home my family can count on.  Moving around to chase larger markets doesn’t always make sense.  I’d have to start all over again.  Again.  That’s a tall order.




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