July 12, 2024

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Only Fox 4 TV Reports Reports Rape of 15-Year-Old JOCO Girl By Illegal

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For any number of reasons the fact that a 28-year-old man has been charged with rape should be newsworthy.

For one, the alleged rape took place in Johnson County, Kansas, whose low crime rate makes actual crime of a serious nature stand out. For another, the girl in question was only 15 years old.

Most newsworthy is the fact that the man charged with the rape, Daniel Marquez-Trevizo, is a Mexican national who is in the country illegally. In fact, he had been deported once before in 2008. This suggests Marquez-Trevizo first came to the country illegally as a youth and fits the profile of a “Dreamer.”

Marquez-Trevizo reportedly took the victim and two others girls to “his apartment.” There he is reported to have plied the victim with ten beers before raping the now intoxicated girl. Johnson County authorities cooperated with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in charging Marquez-Trevizo, and he is now being held in Johnson County jail on $500,000 bond.

A search of Google News shows that only Fox 4 TV in Kansas City found this appalling story of child rape worth reporting. The media, local and national, are much more inclined to run stories in which immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, are the victims of some seeming injustice. This selective reporting has the effect, clearly intended, to reinforce the Democrats’ increasing tolerance, if not encouragement, of illegal immigration.

The accused, Daniel Marquez-Trevizo

The Marquez-Trevizo story presents another problem for the media. Unless his mug shot is somehow distorted, Marquez-Trevizo appears to be white. This is not unusual. Many Hispanics are. Indeed, there is less African DNA in the Mexican gene pool than there is in the American one. “Mexican” is no more a “race” than “American.”

In a similar vein, “Muslim” is no more a race than “Catholic.” The people of some Muslim-dominated countries, Albania for instance, are almost all Caucasian. The knee-jerk imputation of “racism” by the media to those who resist illegal immigration is as evil a bit of fakery as is their willful conflation of “immigration” and “illegal immigration.”

Kudos to Fox 4 TV for defying the herd.


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