June 23, 2024

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The New Border War: Which State Can Generate the Most Fake Hate Crimes

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Missouri and Kansas seem to have revived the border war, this time over which state can generate the most fake hate crimes.

Kansas would seem to have taken the lead in this new border war with the two bogus crimes in October out of Kansas State, but Missouri came roaring back back with a fake church hate crime in Kansas City and now with a fake school hate crime in Chesterfield.

K-State will have to step up if it wants to keep Kansas in the lead.

When the incident was first made public last week, it was done in the style we have come to expect: wide-eyed reporting by the media and much breast beating by the officials in charge. To its credit, FOX2now out of St. Louis did not use the word “racist” in its coverage. The opening sentence of its story read, “Officials at Parkway Central High School are working to determine who wrote a racial slur and the phrase ‘White Lives Matter’ on a mirror inside a campus bathroom.” This is something of an improvement as it allows the possibility of a hoax.

Principal Timothy McCarthy was not nearly as restrained. “As your building principal, actions and speech which degrade an individual’s human dignity; actions and speech which are motivated by hate, not love, have no place in school, they have no place at Central High,” huffed McCarthy in a syntax closely resembling that of standard English.

Community activists were even less restrained. “I was horrified,” Joy Weese Moll with the West County Community Action Network (WE CAN) told FOX2now. “A lot of us in West County have a really hard time saying racism exists here. It makes me sad for the person who wrote it because they have not been taught and not learned how beautiful our society can be.”

WE CAN, a coalition of virtue-signaling white suburbanites, has held a weekly vigil in support of Black Lives Matter for nearly two years. Its members know racism when they see it, even where it’s not.

Border warrior John Brown is not mouldering in his grave. He’s turning over in his grave.

A week after the incident, national Fox News burst the WE CAN bubble in its headline: “‘Non-white’ student linked to racist graffiti inside school, officials say.”

The graffiti was found in the girls’ restroom. Fake hate notwithstanding, Principal McCarthy held his ground, “As I stated last week, actions and speech which degrade an individual’s human dignity have no place in school; they have no place at Central High.”

Sure, whatever.

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