March 31, 2023

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Moran Returns to Palco without Media Hordes

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When Sen. Jerry Moran visited Palco, Kansas, July 7, his town hall meeting was filled to capacity with more than 150 people in attendance in a town with a population of less than 300. Moran was one of the few Senators hosting town hall meetings, and he said he wouldn’t vote for a Senate plan to overhaul Obamacare.

Sen. Jerry Moran returned to Palco this week to give residents undivided attention. During a July 7 visit the week before, press and bussed in protesters attended a Moran town hall.

National press flew in from places like Washington, D.C, and New York, and Planned Parenthood bussed abortion supporters from eastern Kansas to join the fray. Residents, according to the Hays Daily News, were not impressed.

“They’re just here to cause trouble, a lot of them, and I really don’t like it,” Palco resident Pat Kern told the paper.

Palco residents had a second chance to meet with Moran this week. The Senator visited Little Roosters Daycare, the Palco Grocery and Deli, the post office, city hall, a youth center, Keller Motors, the Senior Center and Midland Co-op.

“Most of my events and visits to towns across Kansas don’t usually have the draw or fanfare of my Palco town hall last week,” Moran wrote on his Facebook page. “I wanted to take a moment and visit Palco again this week to give them my undivided attention about the issues they are most concerned about in Washington.”




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