May 18, 2024

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Missouri AG Sues to Block “Draconian” Coal-Mining Regs

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AG Hawley says no to new coal-miming regs.

No sooner did Missouri’s new Attorney General, Josh Hawley, take office than he joined a suit to block last-minute regulations served up by Barack Obama’s Department of the Interior.

The suit alleges that the new regs, which would affect the state’s coal mining industry, exceed the Federal government’s constitutional authority. “The Obama Administration has no authority to issue these regulations,” Hawley said. “They will drive up the cost of energy for Missouri families and hurt Missouri workers. I promised to protect working families in our state, and I will.”

“These draconian regulations by the Obama Administration are exactly the kind of federal overreach that is holding Missouri’s economy back,” Hawley continued. “They are contrary to law. And this office will fight them to defend the people of Missouri.”

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