March 25, 2023

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Kate Steinle “She Had Dreams Too” Poster Stirs the KU Snow Globe

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Among the anonymous posters offending the diversity and inclusion crowd at the University of Kansas is one that shows an image of Kate Steinle with the slogan “She had dreams too.” The KU Daily Kansan headlines the article on this subject, “Inflammatory posters found in Haworth Hall.”

The Daily Kansan describes Steinle as someone “who was allegedly killed by people living illegally in the United States.” For the record, Steinle, 32 at the time she was shot, was not “allegedly” killed. She was killed. Stein was not killed by “people” but by one person, Jose Inez Garcia Karate, an illegal alien who had already been deported five times before finding his way back to San Francisco, a sanctuary city.

Steinle and her killer. There was no “alleged” about her death or his role in it.

The Steinle poster was one of three that prompted Rusha Bajpai, director of diversity and inclusion for Student Senate, to notify the KU Public Safety Office. One of the other two simply said, “Feminism is cancer,” and the third said “Free Kekistan,” an apocryphal place and part of running gag on conservative social media.

Bajpai also notified Student Affairs, the Office of Diversity & Equity and the Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equity of this outburst of “inflammatory” rhetoric. A senior originally from Calcutta, Bajpai holds regular office hours for her gig as the Senate’s diversity and inclusion honcho. She also finds time to serve as the Community Service Chair of the Minority Association of Pre-med Students (MAPS).

The offending poster.

“We cannot tolerate this sort of rhetoric on our campus,” Bajpai said in an email. Happily, the campus police understood the First Amendment a little better than Ms. Bajpai. They apparently told Bajpai that “whoever put up the posters was exercising freedom of speech.”

The Daily Kansan notes that last semester posters saying “It’s okay to be white” were also considered by the real police to be free speech, much to the chagrin of the campus thought police.

Free Kekistan!

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