July 20, 2024

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Kansas City Butt of Twitter Prank Gone Viral

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Sorry, kids, but it’s a prank. Kansas City has never produced or posted signs that read, “Did you know Kansas City welcomes 25 million visitors anally.

Sign was digitally manipulated.

Twitter followers may think otherwise. The prank sign was digitally manipulated by the gang at a parody site called “You Had One Job.” More than five thousand people retweeted it. Many more posted the prank sign on Facebook. Not surprisingly, many senders singled out their friends in Kansas City to receive it.

Visit KC was quick to post a correction on Twitter. “We can confirm that this photo is a fake. The advertisement it features has been doctored to show a misspelling where there is none.”

The sign was prefaced with the greeting, “Welcome to Kansas.” This was less likely a joke than a simple geographical blunder, one that is made more times than not by outsiders.

Most people commenting on the sign presumed it was genuine. Even if they didn’t, they had fun with it. Among the more printable comments:

“Apparently there’s more going on in Kansas City than just BBQ.”

“Kansas City sounds like a super friendly place.”

“What happens in Kansas City, Stays in Kansas City.”

“No wonder they walk funny in Kansas City.”

“You may just be passing through, but we’ll get you in the end.”

And, of course: “Everything’s up to date in Kansas City.”

Long time Kansas City residents had reason to believe that the sign was something other than a prank. In 2002 Kansas City made the news for posting exit signs on 71 Highway for “Emanuel Clever Blvd.” These were large, expensive signs not easily made, put up, or taken down.

If nothing else, the sign did put Kansas City back in the news. It also prompted Facebook users especially to contact Kansas City friends and family.

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