July 18, 2024

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House Attempts Veto Override Now

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It’s now in the legislature’s hands.

Gov. Sam Brownback vetoed tax hike legislation. He vetoed the bill that retroactively increases income taxes on lower and middle income tax Kansans and rolls back the LLC-tax incentive in a room typically reserved for ceremonial legislation signings.

In a press conference that followed, Brownback said it’s irresponsible to raise taxes on low income Kansans without doing everything possible to find government efficiencies first.

He said there’s an almost universal dislike for retroactive tax hikes.

“I certainly think that’s off the table,” he said.

He touted a budget he proposed that would increase sales taxes on cigarettes and alcohol and use some interest earned on investment funds to balance the budget. He said his proposal creates a structurally balanced budget by 2019.

“I’ve gone to the Senate President and (House) Speaker and said I’m willing to work with you on this plan or another plan,” Brownback said.

The legislation did not pass either the House or Senate with veto-proof majorities, and Brownback pointed out Senate and House leadership voted against the bill.

The House is attempting to override now

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