June 24, 2024

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Hickman-Mills Teacher Shows 5th Graders Pix of Naked Women, District Not Sure Why

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Dominique Jones, the mother of a Hickman-Mills 5th Grader, had a hard time believing her daughter when she she said her male teacher was projecting pictures of naked women on the classroom wall.

To prove she was right, the daughter snapped a cell phone picture of an inappropriate image the next time the teacher showed one. And there is no denying what the picture captured.

Seeing is believing.

The photo shows, in the mother’s words, a “flock” of naked women, all seven of them blond, all of them with their bare backsides to the camera. Apparently, the image remained on the wall while the teacher left the classroom, and other students took pictures as well.

As to what pedagogical purpose a picture like this serves no one at the Hickman-Mills School District seems to know. “I’m trying to figure out why he was doing that. Why the teacher would think that’s OK? Nobody sent a note home saying we’re going to have this type of study,” said the mom.

“It looked nasty and inappropriate for that school,” said the daughter, and this 5th grader proved smarter than district administrators whose response has been bewildering.

In a letter to parents Hickman Mills Superintendent Yolanda Cargile wrote, “Shortly before school was dismissed on Wednesday, April 11, we were notified of possible inappropriate behavior involving a teacher.”

According to FOX4, however, Ruth Terrell-Lee, a spokesperson for the district, said that Jones met with district HR workers “last week.” After that meeting, “everything seemed to be settled between the two parties.” Jones is not buying that. She is still furious with the district and its sluggish response.

The teacher has not been identified. Carlyle wrote, “Once informed, administration from Human Resources was immediately involved and an investigation is being conducted. A substitute teacher has been placed in the classroom until further notice.”

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