November 29, 2023

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Greitens Side Steps ‘Fake News’

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Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens took to social media to defend his administration from fake news.

Greitens recently called a special session to protect pregnancy care centers, and most media coverage on the proposed legislation was “100 percent false,” according to the Missouri Governor.

“What I want to show you is how the liberal media reported on what we did,” he said.

In a Facebook video, Greitens flips through several publications reading the coverage. Newsweek’s headline read, “Use of birth control could cause Missouri women to lose jobs, housing.” (The story has since been removed from Newsweek’s site). proclaimed, “Missouri votes to let employees fire people who use birth control.” The San Francisco Gate wrote, “landlords will be able to evict tenants for having an abortion, getting pregnant while unmarried, or even simply using birth control.”

“This is 100 percent false. It’s actual fake news. They just made it up,” the Missouri Governor says in the video.

Greitens said his office asked Newsweek to read the bill. Newsweek learned the bill was widely misrepresented by the media. The new story reads, “women on birth control could not be barred from working,” Greitens says in the video.

“The exact opposite of the fake news they’d been spreading,” he says.

He asks people to share the video, because the liberal media will spread lies about conservatives.

“Let them know we caught them in the act,” he says.


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