July 18, 2024

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Sharice Davids Forgets Demand for “New Leadership Across the Board,” Backs Pelosi

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As part of the media’s unblushing support for America’s first Indian/lesbian/cage fighting congressional candidate, the public radio station KCUR proudly announced in a headline three weeks before the November election, “Sharice Davids Wants ‘New Leadership Across The Board.'”

The equally disingenuous subhead read, “Democratic candidate for Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District is ready to debate Republican opponent.” Davids had already ducked three debates by that point, had good cause to dread the one she agreed to do, and surely had no more intention of demanding “new leadership” in the House than she did an additional debate with Kevin Yoder.

Now that she is in Washington, the fight has gone out of Sharice Davids.

On Saturday, Davids justified her skeptics skepticism when she announced her support for Nancy Pelosi as House speaker. “Kansans didn’t elect me to go to Washington to play political games and take symbolic protest votes. They elected me to get things done,” said Davids in a carefully crafted bit of blarney.

“The best way to move forward as we face unprecedented threats to our healthcare access and to our democracy is to unite behind the person who is clearly going to become the next speaker, and who, whatever differences we may have, will stand up to those threats,” Davids added.

As reported in the Hill, “Much of the opposition to Pelosi emerged in swing districts during the midterm campaigns by moderate Democrats running to unseat Republicans.” Exactly. This is what is called a campaign ploy. Only the local media were dense enough to take it seriously.

The Hill quoted Davids’s “statement” at length. Said Davids and her handlers, “The proposed new rules include measures that would give the public enough time to read bills before they’re voted on, help end the brinkmanship around the debt ceiling that repeatedly threatens our country’s economy, make it easier to bring measures that have broad support to the floor for a vote, make it harder to raise taxes on the middle class, and generally restore regular order to the House of Representatives.”

This is not the Davids who stumbled through her one unfortunate debate with Yoder. This is the packaged, processed Davids who will do exactly what her Washington betters tell her to do.


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