March 27, 2023

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CIS: Kansas Tax System Rewards Cheating by Illegal Aliens and Their Employers

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The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has discovered a glaring loophole in the way the State of Kansas collects taxes.

Reports CIS: “The state government has a policy on state income tax refunds that directly benefits both a particularly unattractive group of illegal aliens and indirectly benefits the employers of this class of workers.”

The CIS source is a published document from the Kansas Department of Revenue entitled: “Notice 16-2 Credit for withholding tax paid by a worker who does not have a Social Security number (Feb. 29, 2016).”

What makes the aforementioned group “particularly unattractive” is that they have obtained their social security numbers illegally. By Kansas law, a worker who uses a Social Security number that “does not belong to the taxpayer” will be denied the refund of any money withheld by the employer. CIS believes the general rule to be “excellent” and stricter than the laws in most states.

In Kansas, however, there’s an exception to the law. If the illegal alien in question can get a note from the employer claiming the SSN on the W-2 matches the one on the worker’s income tax filing, then the SSN is accepted by the state, even if illegally obtained, and the worker gets the refund. Otherwise that money would go to the state’s treasury.

As CIS sees it, the employer has a useful bit of information with which to keep the employee in line. In addition, the employee is taking home more money and is thus less likely to ask for a raise.

CIS pointed out this loophole in an earlier article in March 2017. Upon inquiring this month, CIS learned that the law remains in place.

CIS asks: “Do the people in charge of Kansas’s taxes want to increase the state’s income, without costing a penny to any legal resident? At absolutely no cost to any voter? All they have to do is to rescind Notice 16-2.”

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