June 13, 2024

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Huffy City Officials Plead for Removal of Tax Lid

The McPherson Mayor and plenty of his cohorts in municipal government are gearing up for a snit fit over the…

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Somali Immigrant Suspected of “Jihadist Activities” Charged in KC

Last week federal prosecutors in Kansas City charged Isse Aweis Mohamud, suspected of jihadist activities by his own family, with passport…

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Kansans Enjoyed Low Rates before Obamacare

There’s a side of the healthcare debate that isn’t being told, according to Mike Pirner. The Lenexa small business owner…

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KS Lawmakers, Former Govs Weigh in on Tax Negotiations

Kansas lawmakers are attempting to thread a needle on a tax proposal that will gain Gov. Brownback’s support or garner…

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Columbia Donut Shop Closes, Owner Blames MU Brouhaha

“Love you Columbia,” wrote Jason Brockman, owner of Strange Donuts, “but we gotta keep it moving.” “Effective immediately,” Brockman continued,…

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Rural Community Defeats School Bond Issue by 2-to-1 Margin

Voters approve most school bond issues in Kansas. It’s rare for one to fail by a wide margin, but that’s exactly…

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Missouri Senate Candidate Tony Monetti Has Unusual Background

On Monday, May 8, Tony Monetti, a Republican from Warrensburg, will be announcing his candidacy for the U.S. Senate on…

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Taxing Rich Doesn’t Work, Connecticut Learns

Kansas legislators may want to heed Connecticut’s warning. Lawmakers in the Nutmeg State face a $2.2 billion deficit next year,…

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free speech

KU Research: Defending Free Speech Is Racist

People who adamantly defend free speech likely aren’t principled. They’re racist, according to research conducted at the University of Kansas.…

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Planned Parenthood Bringing Its Abortion Services to a Neighborhood Near You

A 91-year-old federal judge, Howard Sachs, has granted a temporary injunction barring the State of Missouri from enforcing its abortion laws,…

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Suspends Columnist for Supporting NRA

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch suspended a conservative editorialist over a column that pointed out media bias on gun control. In the column, Stacy…

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Kansas Justice Institute

KJI to Assist Citizens in School Funding, Other Liberty Issues

The Kansas Justice Institute, or KJI, will assist citizens in litigating property tax issues, private property issues and civil asset forfeiture,…

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Garden City

Garden City Schools Reject Efficiency Recommendations

The Garden City School District could save between $1.1 million and $1.5 million annually with limited impact to students, a legislative…

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Statistical Noise Crowds Kansas Tax Reform Study Findings

It’s almost a year old, but researchers posted to the Internet a study reviewing the impact of Kansas’s 2012 tax…

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The Group That Calls Itself ‘Citizens For Responsible Government’ Challenges Downtown Hotel

On Friday, the Sentinel exposed how the Kansas City Star prefaces all articles about the watchdog group, Citizens for Responsible…

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freedom index

KPI Freedom Index Shows the Most Pro-Government Legislators to Be Republicans

Republicans hold the top and bottom slots in Kansas Policy Institute’s Freedom Index. Each year since 2012, KPI has rated…

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raising taxes

Raising Taxes in Topeka the Easiest Vote

Rep. Chuck Weber is firing back at calls to increase taxes on Kansas families. “Raising taxes like so many are…

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Medicaid Funds Nearly 50 Percent of All Births

Nearly half of all births in the United States are financed by Medicaid, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation Medicaid Budget Survey.…

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school funding formula

School Funding Formula May Fund All-Day Kindergarten

A Kansas House committee spent hours crafting legislation that adds $750 million in new funding for schools over the next…

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Unemployment at Near Record Lows in Kansas

Kansas’ unemployment rate continues to drop. Last week, the Kansas Department of Labor announced the latest numbers revealing the state’s…

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LLCs, Pass-Throughs Account for Most Kansas Job Growth

Between 2012 and 2015, the majority of new jobs in Kansas were LLCs, sole proprietorships, and Sub S-Corps. Specifically, most of Kansas’…

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Star Takes Big-Spending KC-Based Boilermakers Union to Woodshed

To give credit where it’s due, the Kansas City Star has revisited the account books of the Kansas City, Kansas-based…

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Eric Teetsel, Family Policy Alliance of KS Prez, Answers Sentinel’s 20 Questions

Eric Teetsel serves as the President of the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, an organization dedicated to pro-family public policy.…

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Man With AK-47 Carjacks Grandma in Northeast KC

A thug bearing an AK-47 ambushed a Kansas City grandmother and her friend when they honored a stop sign at…

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