April 1, 2023

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Brownback Signs School Finance Bill

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Gov. Sam Brownback signed into law today a school financing bill. The bill, which largely mirrors a 1992 financing formula, will increase public school funding by approximately $300 million over the next two years.

He issued a statement along with his signature.

“The Legislature missed an opportunity to substantially improve the K-12 funding system,”

Gov. Sam Brownback

Brownback said. “They did, however, direct more dollars into the classroom by limiting bond and interest aid, encouraging responsible fiscal stewardship at the local level. Additionally, they included a sunset on the school funding system, allowing for the regular and robust discussion about the needs of Kansas students.”

Members of the Kansas Supreme Court are expected to weigh in on the funding legislation. In a decision issued earlier this year, Justices ruled block grant funding unconstitutional and sought a formula that adequately calculates funding. Justices set a June 30 deadline for legislators to adopt a new formula.

Alan Rupe, an attorney representing schools that sued for more funding, issued a statement saying SB 19 “falls way short of funding necessary to achieve a constitutionally adequate education for all Kansas public school children.”









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