The Atlantic gives the false impression that Rep. Jenkins is warning Trump. The real Cassandra is Mission Hills RINO Barbara Bollier.

The Atlantic magazine and New York Times have submitted new entries into the dishonest anti-tax cut sweepstakes with their respective articles comparing President Trump’s proposed tax cuts to those passed in Kansas.

One would hope that reporters could see the obvious absurdity of comparing the tax cuts executed by a small state to those proposed by the most powerful economy in the world, but reporters have long since abandoned journalism for propaganda.

The New York Times headline reads: “Kansas Tried a Tax Plan Similar to Trump’s. It Failed.” This is about the 500th such article by a national media outlet. Its journalistic sleight-of-hand is nothing special. Top honors for fakery go to the Atlantic.

Fittingly, Google designated the Atlantic story as the top Kansas news story of the day. Its headline reads: “You Better Learn Our Lesson.”

The Atlantic article does an impressively fake bait and switch to make its point seem larger than it is. The article features a photo of Rep. Lynn Jenkins above the quote, “You better learn our lesson.” Immediately beneath that quote in large print is the article’s thesis statement: “Kansas Republicans say they are worried that Congress and the Trump administration will repeat the mistake they made in enacting budget-busting tax cuts.”

The implication is that Jenkins and other Kansans in Congress oppose Trump’s tax plan. In the tiniest print, however, the reader learns that “Representative Lynn Jenkins has supported the Republican tax plan.” Deeper into the article the Atlantic attributes the headline quote–“That won’t work, so you better learn our lesson”–to state Sen. Barbara Bollier. The Atlantic describes Bollier as “a Republican who voted against the tax cuts originally and then fought to undo them earlier this year.”

What the Atlantic does not say is that, according to the Kansas Policy Institute, Bollier has the lowest lifetime Freedom Index score of any Republican in the Senate. Her numbers fit much more comfortably into the Democratic range.

A RINO’s RINO, Bollier is barely a Kansan. She lives about a half mile from the state line in Mission Hills, the state’s swankest suburb. The last time she ran for Senate the top line item on her campaign web site read, “I’m not afraid to stand up to Sam Brownback and the political insiders and fight for us.” The Atlantic could not have found a less representative Kansas Republican than Bollier but find her they did. Today, that is the way the media roll.

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