The Star allowed this puerile guest commentary as a way of continuing its mindless jihad against secretary of state and gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach.

A week after two local widows sued Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for allowing an illegal alien to kill their husbands and three other men, the Star assures us, “The chance of an American being murdered by an illegal immigrant in a terrorist attack is one in 10.9 billion a year.”

One suspects that Sam Peak, the young Washington-based liberal libertarian fusionist who penned this flippant “Special to the Star,” would argue that Pablo Serrano-Vitorino was not technically speaking a “terrorist.” Technically, he might be right, but the five men he killed would be no less dead.

The Star allowed Peak’s guest commentary as a way of continuing its mindless jihad against secretary of state and gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach. A recent Park College grad in political science, Peak is young and foolish enough to make oversized claims like, “most of what Kobach says is completely at odds with reality.” The Star is sufficiently obsessed with Kobach to reinforce Peak’s silliness with nonsense headlines like, “Kobach’s claims about immigration are based on false statistics.”

Peak challenges Kobach’s claim that illegals burden the taxpayer by claiming they “aren’t even eligible to receive most welfare benefits.” Hate to break it to you, Sam, but they aren’t “eligible” to be in the country either, but they are here. Serrano-Vitorino, for instance, was able to secure work, a car, a home, and despite his previous arrests, the liberty to roam at will.

Peak undermines his own argument when boasting about how much in taxes illegals pay while conceding “albeit through fake social security numbers.” “Albeit?” That’s a big “albeit.” What Peak is casually dismissing here is identity theft. Once an illegal immigrant has secured a social security number, he or she is free to game the entire welfare apparatus and eventually to vote.

The pro-immigration study from which Peak finesses his statistics is generally more responsible in its presentation. The authors concede, for instance, that illegal immigration “undermines law and order, permits a shadow economy that is far harder to regulate, and is simply unfair to the millions of people who have come here legally.” But otherwise . . .

Relying largely on SWAG estimates, the study authors argue that illegals may be paying more into the system than they are drawing out. Their own numbers, however, simply do not work. According to Peak only 3 percent of Kansans are illegal. That would be roughly 87,000 people. They are alleged to be earning $954 million in reported income. That equals roughly $11,000 for every man, woman and child. Does Peak really believe that or has he simply not done the math?

In either case, the Sentinel would be happy to stage a debate between Peak and Kris Kobach. Based on our own SWAG estimate, we would give Peak roughly a one in 10.9 billion chance of winning.


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