Susan Wilson, Vice-Chancellor for Diversity at UMKC, recently served as one of the speakers in an evening designed–so says Cyrus Moffett of the University News–to create “an atmosphere of LGBTQIA pride.”

Unaware that the movement in question is much narrower than he thinks it is–presuming Cyrus is a “he”–Moffett did not see the need to explain what “LGBTQIA” means. For the unenlightened in the Sentinel audience, “LGBTQIA” stands for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transexual, queer, intersex and asexual–although “q” can also stand for questioning and God only knows what “intersex” means.

Readers are advised to learn these letters well. Although this letter sequence may read like satire today, one day not knowing it might well be considered a hate crime.

The keynote speaker for the event was Staceyann Chin, an “out” Jamaican-born poet and activist with greenish and reddish hair–not that there is anything wrong with greenish and reddish hair. An earlier report in the University News on her presentation noted that Chin “delivered a message of diversity, acceptance and love.” This same unattributed article observed, “Chin said she is not judgmental about what people do.”

To his credit, Moffett was a little more forthcoming about what Chin actually said. Wrote Moffett, “She repeated the mantra-like comment, ‘Donald J. Trump is not my President,’ throughout the last part of her talk.” Said Moffett, “The most passionate part of her talk was about President Trump.” So much for love and acceptance.

If Donald Trump is not Ms. Chin’s president, who is?

According to her booking agency, Chin charges between $5,000 and $10,000 an engagement. In that both a university vice-chancellor and the assistant director of LGBTQIA Programs and Services at UMKC were there to welcome her, a safe assumption is that UMKC footed the bill.

Said that assistant director, “Staceyann was very well received and I’m happy that she was able to engage our campus in a conversation about the complexity identity, politics and activism.”

To put this hateful nonsense in context imagine what would have happened if UMKC sponsored a speaker two years ago who repeated to her audience mantra-like, “Barack H. Obama is not my President.” Heads would have rolled, the Star would still be writing editorials about the event, and Harvey Weinstein would have made a movie about it for Netflix.

As they say, if our universities did not have a double standard, they would have no standards at all.

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