The mounting evidence is everywhere, despite media bias. It’s become so obvious news outlets are having trouble burying this fact: America leans right.

Despite media bias, the truth is out there: Americans lean right.

Despite physically assaulting a reporter, Greg Gianforte, the right-leaning candidate, sailed to victory for a Congressional seat in a Montana special election. CNN‘s coverage is a pretzel of logic. CNN covers the Gianforte win as an outlier of national trends while suggesting closer-than-usual special elections in Kansas and Georgia are evidence that right-leaning candidates will face severe head winds in 2018.

Democrats “say Montana’s election — like races in Georgia and Kansas — is a bad omen for Republicans heading into 2018,” the CNN story reads. “…But Montana’s election may be an unreliable arbiter of what’s to come in races across the country…Many of the biggest issues in the Montana special were local.”

The truth may just be that Americans lean right, politically. Another example? A Quinnipiac University poll revealed Americans think former President Obama is the worst president since World War II. USA Today reported the poll’s results. Ronald Reagan earned top marks in the poll as the best president since World War II. The Quinnipiac poll also revealed that 45 percent of respondents think the country would be better off had Mitt Romney won the 2012 presidential election.

Closer to home, a recent Docking Institute poll revealed that 75 percent of Kansans want state budget shortfalls addressed with spending cuts. About 41 percent preferred using only spending cuts to balance the budget; another 34 percent said lawmakers should use a combination of cuts and tax increases to balance the budget. Only a quarter of respondents supported the sole use of tax increases.

Mainstream media has largely ignored the poll’s results on that question, focusing instead on questions that show Brownback is less popular than Trump and that Kansas Secretary of State has higher name recognition than Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer.

Kansas media was shocked on Nov. 5, 2014, to see Gov. Brownback re-elected. National news organizations were flabbergasted on Nov. 9, 2016, to find Donald Trump won the presidency. Media bias may account for some of their collective shock.

Buried beneath piles of negative media coverage excoriating President Donald Trump and local coverage denying reality about Kansas’ spending problem, the truth is out there. Americans and Kansans lean right.

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