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Uncertain of whether they are “haters,” female wrestlers and families protest testosterone-pumped transgender opponent.

A Kansas City Star headline on Saturday, “Transgender boy 2 wins away from girls state wrestling title,” leaves the average reader uncertain as to which way this young person is transitioning.

Even more problematic, this AP article does not give adequate clues as to whether the reader should be rooting for or against the wrestler, Mack Beggs. As Americans have learned the hard way in the last few years, if they fail to anticipate a progressive position on just about anything they will almost certainly be accused of hate.

When President Trump turned the transgender bathroom issue back to the states earlier this week–an issue that did not exist until about fifteen minutes ago– critics immediately accused him of being a hater. Outside the White House, as the New York Times reported, several hundred people protested Trump’s decision, chanting, “No hate, no fear, trans students are welcome here.”

For the record, Beggs, a Texan, was born female. Female wrestlers and their allies have argued that  the testosterone treatments Beggs has been taking give him an unfair advantage.

“Look at how beefed up she is,” one wrestling parent said in regard to Beggs. “It’s because she’s taking an enhancement. Whether she’s a boy, girl, wants to be purple or blue it doesn’t matter. When you’re using a drug and you’re 10 times stronger than the person you’re wrestling because of that drug that (shouldn’t be) allowed.”

Another parent called the governor and the ACLU. “I think it’s just a complete disadvantage to the female wrestlers.” (Good luck with the ACLU!) Under state  governing policy for athletics, students must wrestle in the gender category listed on their birth certificates. The article implicitly criticizes that position. It also sets up the Texas school superintendents who voted for the rule as the villains in some future mini-series on the heroic saga of transgender pioneer Mack Beggs. In the meantime, however, good Texas liberals don’t know what to think or whom to hate.
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