The Kansas City Star accuses Trump of indifference to Anti-Semitism while concealing the anti-Semitism of terror plotter.

Were it not for the avoidance of Robert Hester’s anti-semitism, the Star article on Hester’s involvement in an ISIS-inspired terror plot pulled no punches. The reporters did not shy from citing Hester’s inspiration or quoting him saying that the day of the attack would be  “a good day for Muslims worldwide.”

The Star article is lengthy enough and detailed enough that one would have expected the Star to highlight Hester’s outspoken hatred for Jews, especially given the fact that terror threats against Jews are in the news.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Hester in criminal court, the Columbia man pictured himself as a “super assassin.” Chief among his intended victims was the “Zionist Jew Pig.” Language like that leaps off the page except perhaps in newsrooms whose anti-Trump agenda overrides the need to report the truth.

On the same day, the Star ran the article on Hester, it ran an appallingly gratuitous Trump-bashing article from its parent company McClatchy headlined, “Trump finally denounces anti-Semitic attacks. Is it enough?”

The article is so wrong on so many levels that it leads one to believe that the Star’s “Zionist Jew Pig” oversight was not an oversight at all.

“Days after he declined to denounce anti-Semitism,” writes Anita Kumar, “President Donald Trump finally condemned the reported increase in anti-Semitism in the United States that has been linked to his political rise.”

This isn’t news. This is agitprop. The increase in anti-Semitism isn’t “reported,” it is imagined. Its link to Trump’s rise is pure slander, based on no known reality. Kumar’s lengthy article fails even to mention that Trump’s daughter Ivanka, her husband, and children are Orthodox Jews or that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finally felt welcome at the White House after eight years of Obama freeze-out.

To be sure, Kumar does not even hint that the one force that has been attacking Jewish institutions worldwide–Islamic jihad–might be responsible for the bomb threats.

The Sentinel took CNN to task for the same slander yesterday, but the Star piece goes well beyond CNN in its malicious and inexcusable race-baiting.

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