If the Trump White House favors something, the Star will likely not.

The lead headline on Saturday’s online version of the Kansas City Star distorts the truth and shamelessly aligns the Star on the momentary side of the angels.

The headline reads, “First banned, Muslim refugees now in KC declare: ‘Our prayers have been accepted.” Later in the article, however, we learn that President Trump did not “ban” Muslims but rather he “signed an executive order temporarily suspending refugee resettlement.”

Curious too is the Star’s eager embrace of a religious group far more socially conservative than the Christian conservatives that the Star has been bashing for the last generation.

Not too long ago the Star designated a prominent liberal pastor a “drum major for justice” for his denunciation of the Christian right as “a threat far greater than the old threat of Communism.”

Yet if the Christian right is a threat what do the Star editors make of a faith that threatens progressive values, such as they are, even more.

According to the Pew Research Foundation, a liberal but generally reliable source, Muslims in sub-Sahara Africa believe by overwhelming majorities that divorce, abortion, sex outside of marriage, and especially homosexuality are immoral.

Most of the respondents in these same countries believe polygamy and even honor killings to be “morally acceptable.”

Although the numbers for Somalia are not listed–it has been too unstable a country to do surveys–in nearby Ethiopia 98 percent of those surveyed believe homosexuality to be “morally wrong.” None believed it to be “morally acceptable.”

Let us see how long the unlikely liberal-Muslim alliance lasts.

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