The Kansas City Star editorial board will stop at nothing to throw shade at Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Their derangement often requires picking at mole hills. Such is the case in a recent editorial that suggests a voting “snafu” should give pause voter ID laws.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach 

It’s a real reach. The editorial admits that there is no evidence anyone was denied the right to vote due to the “foul-up,” but the piece leads, “Hundreds, perhaps thousands of Kansans who went to the polls Tuesday ran into an unexpected problem when they provided required photo identification.”

Hundreds? Thousands? Unlikely. Real IDs, which will eventually be required in order to board an airplane, were just recently rolled out in Kansas. This means it’s unlikely that there are several thousands of Real ID driver’s licenses even in circulation in the state. And of those, it’s even less likely that a majority of Real ID holders even visited the polls. Voter turnout across the state was paltry.

Even assuming that thousands of voters presented Real IDs to election workers, the end result was that an election worker had to perform a manual search for the voter’s information instead of scanning a bar code.

It’s hardly a poll tax. At most, it was a mild inconvenience costing seconds of time–hardly worthy of an entire editorial. What’s next? Lengthy scribes against not being able to find front row parking at city hall?

“Someone should be embarrassed. It seems obvious that officials needed to make sure the Real ID bar codes would work with existing equipment,” the editorial reads. A few paragraphs later, the board names names.

“Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach led the effort to force Kansans to present a valid photo ID to exercise their rights as citizens. On Tuesday, some Kansans who tried to comply by using a state-issued document discovered it wouldn’t work as intended,” the editorial lectures readers. “Perhaps Kobach can pause from his work on the Election Integrity Commission long enough to make sure voters’ rights in Kansas are fully protected and that election systems work.”

What the Star doesn’t bother to note is that there are several forms of acceptable federal ID that poll workers can’t scan. That includes military IDs and passports. Election workers are trained to handle those instances.

The Star is picking at a mole hill in hopes of toppling Kobach. If this the best the Star editorial writers can do, Kobach will be laughing his way to the Governor’s Office.


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