In the nearly two years of the Trump presidency and the Sentinel’s existence, a Tuesday article in the Wichita Eagle is the first we have seen in either of the area’s McClatchy papers that puts the president in a positive light.

The headline reads, “With biodefense lab two-thirds built, Kansas officials back Trump plan for its future.” The article by Jonathan Shorman deals with the construction of a $1.25 biodefense laboratory complex in Manhattan, Kansas, that goes under the unwieldy name “The National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility, or NBAF.”

Here is the critical paragraph: “Trump this year proposed handing over operational control of the facility to the Department of Agriculture, an idea that has generated some concern. But state and federal officials support the planned bureaucratic changeover.”

True, it is not as if the Eagle sang the praises of President Trump over a surging economy or a world at relative peace or the securing of better trade deals or the appointment of Constitutionally minded judges, but it is a start, a baby step for McClatchy to sanity and maybe even financial stability.

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