A new ad being run by the Sharice Davids campaign features a U.S. Marine who strongly suggests that he has voted for Republican incumbent congressman Kevin Yoder in the past but this year has wised up.

“I served four years in the Marines,” says Matt Savich, introducing himself. “I’m no hero, but I consider myself a patriot.” The critical line follows, “This year I won’t support Kevin Yoder . . . . I’m for Sharice Davids.”

From appearances, it would seem that Savich never voted for Yoder or any other Republican. For starters, the only registered voter named “Matt Savich” in Kansas–more exactly “Matthew Gregory Savich”–has been a registered Democrat since August 16, 2012. His wife, Louise Victoria Savich, has been a registered Democrat for seven years, first registering in 2011.

Matt Savich and wife Louise.

Savich’s Facebook page gives the game away. At the top of the page is the photo posted above. The questioning Matt Savich ones sees in the ad seems to be a hard core Davids supporter and apparently a hard core leftist.

Born and raised in California, Savich has apparently brought his left coast sentiments to Kansas. Pictured on Savich’s page is an image from either his home or a home whose signage he clearly likes.

No leftist bromide goes unswallowed at this household: Black lives matter. Women’s rights are human rights. No human is illegal. Science is real. Love is love. Kindness is everything.

What is particularly troubling about this ad, and the reason the Sentinel recommends it be pulled, is that the Davids campaign exploits Savich’s honorable service in the U.S. Marines to sell what is essentially a lie.

The ad shows Savich’s honorable discharge certificate, his medals, his photos from active service. To be sure there is nothing unusual about a dishonest political ad, but this one dishonors the U.S. Marines as well.


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