David Daleiden showed the bureaucracy at work, and for Planned Parenthood that was even more damning than the videos of the body parts.

Tuesday night 28 year-old David Daleiden spoke at the Kansans for Life banquet in Overland Park. In the Star article on this event, reporter Judy Thomas, she of the notoriously fake “The Altar Boys’ Secret,” gave the last word to Laura McQuade, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Great Plains.

“David Daleiden and his partners spent three years creating a fake company and fake identities,” said McQuade, “and when they couldn’t find any improper and illegal activity, they made the rest of it up.”

McQuade was half right. Daleiden and his colleagues at the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) carefully and methodically constructed a fake company and infiltrated Planned Parenthood using fake identities.

As Daleiden showed, however, he was not the first journalist to go undercover to expose the trade in baby parts. ABC News did the same in 2000 in a case that involved Planned Parenthood’s Overland Park Clinic.

The “Human Capital project,” as Daleiden called it, went much deeper. It documented how Planned Parenthood markets the body parts of otherwise healthy unborn babies. The citizen journalists at CMP recorded hundreds of hours of undercover footage, dozens of eye-witness testimonies, and reams of primary source documents.

None of it was fake. Daleiden made nothing up. And this is the crux of the problem for Planned Parenthood. The left has convinced its minions that they are fighting a valiant battle against fascism. Hillary Clinton calls the opposition “deplorables.” Meryl Streep calls them “brownshirts.” And half of Hollywood has compared Donald Trump to Hitler.

This self-image collapses when liberals confront the reality that they are Planned Parenthood’s willing executioners. They have been supporting human slaughter commodified and industrialized on a scale matched only by Nazi Germany. Yes, Stalin killed as many innocents as Hitler and Mao killed many more, but neither applied the cool logic and contemporary technology the way Hitler did. That is what made Germany’s contribution to genocidal history so chilling and Planned Parenthood’s as well.

What Daleiden did so effectively Tuesday night was show the comparable banality of Planned Parenthood’s evil. He did not dwell on the videos in which Planned Parenthood clinicians picked through the body parts of unborn babies and discussed their value on the open market. These videos are available if anyone cares to see them. The media refuse to watch them.

Not surprisingly, the Star’s Thomas refused to recognize Daleiden’s presentational strategy.

Daleiden focused on the mechanics of the trade: the receipts, the invoices, the packing slips, the promotional materials, the pull-down menus showing the whole spectrum of available body parts.

If it is not “improper” to kill a perfectly healthy unborn baby, dismember it and market its parts, what is “improper?” This is a question Planned Parenthood cannot even allow to be asked.

As to the “illegal’ charge, CMP’s investigative work stirred the House Energy & Commerce Committee to probe into Planned Parenthood’s work. The Committee’s final report makes a powerful case that Planned Parenthood and allies in the abortion industry broke numerous state and federal laws in their harvesting and marketing of baby parts. Planned Parenthood’s defense hinges on the definition of “profit.” There is no denying the rest of it.

“We can understand a difference of opinion,” said Planned Parenthood’s McQuade of Daleiden’s speech at the FFL dinner, “but we cannot tolerate the support, advancement and promotion of someone who has engaged in such extreme behavior to further a political ideology.”

“Such extreme behavior?” How deep in denial must these people be?

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