The Star deceptively left Melinda Henneberger’s Roll Call job off her bio.

As mentioned in Part I of this series, the online version of the Kansas City Star invites readers to meet its new editorial team. One of the newcomers is Melinda Henneberger, an opinion writer who, the Star tells us, was “most recently” employed by USA Today.

What stands out in Henneberger’s online resume is her affiliation with the Catholic Church. We had speculated that the Star hired Henneberger as contrition for the Star’s past anti-Catholic hit jobs. If so, someone at the Star misunderstands Catholicism. Despite her public professions of faith, Henneberger endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

As Cardinal Raymond Burke has observed–an opinion backed by every Pope including Pope Francis–Catholics who support pro-abortion candidates “participate in a grave evil.” Having committed a “serious sin” these Catholics must be “sacramentally reconciled or refrain from receiving Holy Communion.”

This “grave evil,” however, is no secret. It is unlikely that the Star would have hired Henneberger as its representative “Catholic” had she endorsed someone other than Hillary Clinton. A past winner of Planned Parenthood’s top editorial honor, the “Maggie,” the Star does have a reputation to uphold in the world of “reproductive rights.”

No, Henneberger’s secret is more trivial but equally telling. It has to do with her resume. The Star makes no mention of her very recent employment at Roll Call, Capitol Hill’s newspaper of record. As “recently” as August 2016, Henneberger was Roll Call’s editor-in-chief. Then something happened. At first, the publication said Henneberger was on vacation, and then it turned out the vacation would be a permanent one.

DC Insiders saw it coming. Observed the Washingtonian:

Henneberger’s abrupt departure capped off a nine-month stretch during which web traffic plunged, staff was cut, and brand-name reporters jumped ship in ceremonious fashion.

A source told Politico that Henneberger was “disengaged” and “constantly absent,” adding, “She did herself no favors by letting so many well-known names go and replacing them with her friends.”

In August, Roll Call sent Henneberger packing. In October, Wikileaks busted Wall Street Journal reporter Colleen Nelson for her much too cozy relationship with John Podesta. They then both showed up in the editorial room of the Kansas City Star. It is hard to blame the Star for not sharing this information, but in Henneberger’s case, the editors deliberately deceived their readers about her background. In her bio, there is no mention of Roll Call at all.

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