To defend the illegal immigrant, Star columnist Mary Sanchez attacks the legal ones.

Kansas City Star columnist Mary Sanchez takes an unusual tack in her recent column, “If you love the United States, thank an immigrant.”

Although Sanchez seems to playing the usual liberal bait and switch–namely, blurring the line between legal and illegal immigration–her actual argument is more inventive, albeit more insulting.

According to Sanchez, those opposed to illegal immigration forget how their own ancestors got here. “We imagine our great-grandparents came here out of a desire to be American,” she writes, “rather than in search of higher wages or cheap land or to escape hunger or for a shot at getting rich.”

in fact, no two of these motivations are mutually exclusive, and none of them is dishonorable. These ancestors wanted to come to America because here, unlike wherever they came from, they could escape hunger and maybe even get rich by finding good jobs and farming cheap land. This is what freedom allowed. God bless America!

“Oh, and they arrived legally,” writes Sanchez. “Don’t forget that. That’s the biggest farce.” No, it is not a farce. It is a fact. The laws have changed over time, as Sanchez concedes, but the overwhelming majority of new arrivals honored those laws.

To make her case, Sanchez discounts the Ellis Island experience. “Only 2 percent of the migrants who came through Ellis Island were turned away,” she writes. “It’s not because they were all stellar proto-Americans; it’s because they didn’t go through particularly stringent screening. For those who arrived in steerage, it was a six-second physical.”

Sanchez apparently did not get the progressive memo on this one. For the last generation or so, leftists have been arguing that Ellis Island was a capricious,  xenophobic hellhole.

“We think of Ellis Island as this great monument to immigration,” historian Morris Vogel told the Washington Post during the presidential campaign. “It’s really the monument to border control.”

The author of the Post article, Catherine Rampell, leads with the sentence, “At what point, in this great nation of immigrants, did calling someone an ‘immigrant’ become such an insult?” The answer is that it never has.

Journalists like Rampell, Sanchez and countless others in Bubble World have convinced themselves that there is a nation of  bigots out there who hate all immigrants. In doing so, they are causing a divide that has not existed anywhere save in their own shuttered minds.

Whether they know it or not, Sanchez and cronies are playing the useful idiot role in the hard left’s divide and conquer strategy. More immediately, they insult their fellow Americans to make themselves feel  virtuous.

If the “Day without Immigrants” was fully counterproductive for all involved, a “Day without Journalists” would not be.

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