It did not take the national media long to notice that not all the candidates President Donald Trump endorsed were elected on Tuesday.

The seriously unreliable Jane Mayer of the New Yorker—when last heard from Mayer was spreading the smear that Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself to a woman while at Yale—took great glee in Kris Kobach’s failure to get elected governor of Kansas.

Said the less than objective Mayer, “Kansas became a kind of state-level litmus test for Trump’s politics of fear.” It was nothing of the kind. Kobach’s defeat was partially the result of six unrelenting years of statewide and national media propaganda focused on Gov. Sam Brownback and at least two years of statewide and national media propaganda focused on Kris Kobach.  And as the Kansas City Star reports, Kobach made a number of unforced errors in his campaign.

And Mayer conveniently ignores the success of the Trump effect in Missouri, where Trump helpd Josh Hawley defeat incumbent Claire McCaskill for the U.S. Senate.

As the Sentinel has been documenting, the state media have been deceiving the public about a wide range of revenue issues, particularly in relationship to education. State Senator Laura Kelly rode that wave of disinformation to victory with 48 percent of the vote.

For political wisdom, Mayer turned to the predictable Kathleen Sebelius and progressive KU professor Burdett Loomis. Sebelius assured Mayer that “you could not have found a more Trumpian candidate” than Kobach and that for some 40 current or former Republican office holders that “was a bridge too far.”

Said Loomis of Kobach, “Stylistically, he took many pages from the Trump playbook. In fact, he doubled down on Trump.” Loomis has been around long enough to know that Kobach was Trumpian before Trump was. He borrowed nothing from Trump’s playbook. He did not have to.  He helped write the playbook.

For a media that believes, as the New Yorker’s Mayer does, that voter fraud is “a phenomenon that nonpartisan experts say is virtually nonexistent,” Kobach’s whole career has been an exercise in hate.

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