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MU J-School Junior believes that “evil takes a human form in Betsy DeVos.”

Missouri University junior Bizzy Emerson, a columnist for the student publication The Maneater, does not much like Betsy DeVos, the newly confirmed Secretary of Education.

Forget Hitler. Forget Stalin. Forget Mao. Emerson, a journalism major (yikes!), has her own standards of human depravity. “To put things bluntly,” she says without a trace of irony, “evil takes a human form in Betsy DeVos.” Devos’s crime against humanity, as Emerson sees it, is her support of “the voucher system.”

Devos’s manifest evil presents something of a challenge for Emerson, a self-declared “feminist.” Although she finds it “empowering” to see a woman in a position of authority, she cannot celebrate Devos’s appointment given that the new secretary “isn’t an awesome human being.” At the MU J-School, it would seem that “evil” is a synonym for non-awesomeness.

Emerson fears for the future of public schools under DeVos. She tells the reader:

“I am a product of public schools, and I can say confidently that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my public school education.”

This is one point the Sentinel is not about to dispute.

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