Missouri Judge Lifts Restrictions on Planned Parenthood Abortions

In November, two Missouri Planned Parenthood affiliates filed a federal lawsuit challenging two Missouri state restrictions on abortions. On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Howard Sachs said he will grant a preliminary injunction that will suspend those restrictions.

The first restriction required that an abortion clinic be licensed as an ambulatory surgical center as are all other facilities that offer surgeries outside of a hospital. The second required that abortion doctors have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital so they can refer patients there if something goes awry as something often does.

In his wisdom, the The 91-year-old Sachs deemed the restrictions “unconstitutional.” The judge was 47-years-old when the Supreme Court looked deep in the penumbra and discovered that abortion was a constitutional right after all. Sachs gave the Missouri General Assembly 60 to 90 days to make the necessary changes in the statute.

“Judge Sachs was clear in his memo that these laws are unconstitutional and only seek to block access to safe, legal abortion,” gloated Planned Parenthood. “We look forward to working with the court and the state to expand access to safe, legal abortion in the state as soon as possible.”

The judge apparently is confident that both parties can agree on a “solution.” For thousands of Missouri babies, it is likely to be a final one.

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