Kansas media isn’t reporting it, but Oklahoma teachers are crossing the state line to work in Kansas, according to News 6, an Oklahoma television station.

Coffeyville, Kansas, Superintendent Craig Correll is quoted, noting that Kansas schools pay quite a bit more than Oklahoma districts.

“On average, it’s about $7,000 to $8,000 for a beginning teacher,” Correll told the TV station. “So once we realized that, we realized we should come to Oklahoma to recruit.”

About 14 percent of Coffeyville staff is from Oklahoma. On Twitter, Correll said he was discussing the Kansas teacher shortage. He tweeted, “Discussed the teacher shortage in Kansas.”

The teacher shortage is a misnomer that’s been debunked. More teachers are coming to Kansas than leaving, and they’re apparently earning more than their peers in some neighboring states. This, despite continuing reports that Kansas teachers in rural schools earn less than any other teachers.

With all of the miscommunication and confusion, maybe it’s time to take a pause in the teacher salary wars. Every teacher in rural Coffeyville USD 445 is licensed, and they earn more than their peers right across the state line.


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