Campus snowflakes don’t know enough about irony to see they are being played.

From the looks of things at the University of Kansas, not all cultures need apply for a seat at the table of the Multicultural Student Government (MSG). After several simple print-outs saying, “It’s Okay to be White,” were posted around campus, the Multicultural Student Government issued a statement condemning the posters.

“We would like to let everyone know that we are working towards finding a solution,” said the MSG through Instagram. “We will do everything to make sure there is no need to divide the students of the University of Kansas.”

Student body president Mady Womack was also upset. “I am deeply disgusted that this organized online campaign to divide University communities across the country has come to our campus. It is shameful that anyone would use these posters to promote a racist agenda,” Womack said in an email to the Daily Kansan. “As Jayhawks, we must condemn white supremacy wherever we may find it.”

In that same spirit, the Kansan headlines it article, “White supremacy posters reported around campus.” This is how perversely Orwellian things have gotten on university campuses. The defensive plea, “It is okay to be white,” is casually interpreted to be a sign of “white supremacy.” This would all be seem silly and sophomoric were taxpayers not funding it and were we not creating a generation of deranged snowflakes.

The snowflakes at KU, like the snowflakes at other campuses, don’t know they are being played. The forces behind the campaign are basically testing universities to see just how benign a comment can be made about being white without being accused of white supremacy. They are getting exactly the response they anticipated.

Unfortunately, there seem to be no administrators on any American campuses willing to explain to their hyper-sensitive charges how irony works and how readily they lend themselves to parody.

“We are committed to leading with inclusivity in name and practice with progressive action and empowerment of all students on campus,” the Multicultural Student Government says in its mission statement. What the protestors are showing is that “inclusivity” is a fraud.

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