Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is running for Governor. The election is still over a year away, but Topeka Capital-Journal editorial scribblers didn’t even wait for the ink to dry on Kobach’s filing before announcing, “Kobach doesn’t belong at Cedar Crest.

“Kobach is convinced that illegal voting (especially among undocumented immigrants) is a vast crisis, but the evidence just isn’t there,” the June 10 editorial reads.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

Typically, this is the exact kind of fake news the Sentinel attempts to correct, but in this instance, Kobach penned a letter to the editor that sets the record straight.

“My office has identified 128 specific noncitizens who registered or attempted to register to vote in Kansas since 1999. Of those, at least six voted,” Kobach writes. “And some of those noncitizens voted multiple times. But we can only see the tip of the iceberg – an expert from Old Dominion University analyzed Kansas’s voter rolls and estimated that the total number of noncitizens could be over 18,000.”

Cap-Journal scribblers intone that Kobach “ingratiated” himself to the Donald Trump administration. Apparently, the editorial writers have a limited understanding of how politics works. Kobach was recently named vice chairman of Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, a fact the Journal finds embarrassing. Kobach was an early supporter of candidate Trump, and it’s certainly common for early political supporters to be given special consideration for roles within an administration, especially when they are of like mind on an issue as Kobach and Trump seem to be on immigration. (See Kathleen Sebelius and Barack Obama.)

The fake news purveyors at the Cap-J writers accuse Kobach of “suppressing voters,” despite the fact that a record number of Kansans registered to vote before the 2016 election.

“And in recent years, the voter participating rate in Kansas has been higher than the national average and higher than in surrounding states,” Kobach responds. “So much for ‘suppressing’ the vote.”

The Cap-J concludes that Kansans don’t need a governor “who flagrantly contorts facts to fit his political narrative.” And news readers don’t need a supposedly unbiased news source contorting facts to fit its political narrative, but that has yet to stop Cap-J from printing nonsense.



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