On Tuesday, the Kansas Senate voted to condemn pornography.

Offering the resolution was Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook, a Republican from Shawnee. The language of the resolution is simple and straightforward. In its short form, the resolution recognizes “that pornography is a public health hazard leading to a broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts and societal harms.” The resolution passed without much ado 35-4.

One could respect a libertarian vote against a pornography resolution, but libertarianism has never motivated the media’s favorite “Republican,” Sen. Barbara Bollier. Indeed, other than opportunism or subversion it is hard to imagine why Bollier suits up as a Republican.

Predictably, the first-term senator felt compelled to make an ungainly equation between pornography and some bedrock Republican principle she loathes. “Seriously?” Bollier told the Wichita Eagle after the vote. “We’ll see how excited they are about public health when it comes to guns.”

If massage therapists have to prove their legitimacy, why not politicians?

A RINO’s RINO, Bollier is barely a Kansan. She lives about a half mile from the state line in Mission Hills, the state’s swankiest suburb. The last time she ran for Senate the top line item on her campaign web site read, “I’m not afraid to stand up to Sam Brownback and the political insiders and fight for us.”

When last heard from in January, Bollier, a retired physician, was pushing to pass a law that would require message therapists to secure a license to practice. Currently, Kansas is one of the least burdensome states in terms of its licensing laws and only one of 11 states to not require licenses for massage therapists. Bollier wants to add a little bureaucracy to the process.

In November 2017, Bollier shared with the AP that she voted for Democrat Paul Davis for governor in 2014 and suggested that Kris Kobach is not “what most people want.”

In October, Bollier was warning Republicans in Congress about the dangers of passing the Trump tax plan. “That won’t work, so you better learn our lesson.”

In late March, Bollier made the Sentinel for voting for Medicaid expansion. In early March, Bollier was one one of only nine senators to vote against Simon’s Law, legislation that would require the written notification of at least one parent before a do-not-resuscitate order is put in a minor’s medical chart.

According to the Kansas Policy Institute, Bollier has the lowest lifetime Freedom Index score of any Republican in the Senate. Her numbers fit much more comfortably into the Democratic range.

One law that might be useful in Kansas is a truth-in-labeling law. If massage therapists have to prove their legitimacy, why not politicians?

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