On Tuesday, Lindsey Thomasson, the “girlfriend” of the victim’s father, was found guilty of second-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping in the death of two-year-old Presley Porting. The judge sentenced Thomasson to 26 years and 8 months in prison.

Yes, snowflakes, all families, no matter their composition, are “special,” but “special” all too often means hazardous to a child’s health.

The girlfriend.

According to a wrongful death suit filed by Presley’s mother, Stephanie Porting, Presley had been living in an extremely hazardous environment with Thomasson and Presley’s father, Nick Russom.

When Russom left on an errand, Thomasson stayed behind to babysit. Russom came home to find his daughter dead in her crib. She had been beaten to death. “This was an outrageous case. The savagery with that this child was beat was horrific,” said prosecutor  Jason Covington. Thomasson pleaded no contest and received the max sentence.

The lawsuit by Presley’s mom names as defendants Thomasson, her father Michael Thomasson, and the baby’s father, Nick Russom. According to the suit, the two men should have known of the previous physical abuse the child had suffered.

The media describe Stephanie Porting as a “proud mom,” and that she may have been. They tend to bury the fact that at the time of the February death Porting was living in a drug rehabilitation facility and is still living there today.

“I would like for Thomasson and whoever else is responsible to take accountability for their actions and let me know what happened,” Porting told Fox 4 News. One would think accountability begins with the mom. Porting obviously made some choices, and drugs would seem to have taken priority over motherhood.

For some time the Sentinel has been documenting Kansas’s “boyfriend” problem. Social scientists have been studying the boyfriend phenomenon for at least 25 years. All studies have come to the same approximate conclusion. Boyfriends may well represent the most dangerous element in a child’s life.

A Missouri study, for instance, found the possibility of fatal maltreatment of a child was raised eight times if the child was living with unrelated adults, “primarily in households including biologically unrelated adult males and boyfriends of the child’s mother.” Studies done in Britain suggest the risk is even higher.

As the Thomasson case shows, “unrelated adults” do not have to be male to cause problems. The “girlfriend” has murderous potential as well.

The media, however, tend to suppress these studies and to ignore the “unrelated adults” phenomenon. A report in the liberal “Daily Beast” unwittingly describes the left’s conundrum.

“This research also lends itself to controversy,” writes Samantha Allen. “Conservative and family-focused groups like the Heritage Foundation can wield it to argue that marriage is ‘still the safest place for women and children’ and advocate for a return to traditional values.”

To describe a return to traditional values as “controversial,” even if to protect young lives, suggests just how deep a moral hole the left has dug for itself.




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