During the primary season, HuffPost editors relegated discussion of President Trump to the entertainment section. Later they decided to attach a disclaimer to all stories about him, warning readers Trump was a xenophobe and a racist. Now they want to meet his supporters. Should be fun.

“We want to know,” the editors of HuffPost tell us, “What does it mean to be American today? To find out, we’re hitting the road this fall to interview people about their hopes, dreams, fears and definition of ‘being American.'” Their 23-city Jurassic Park-like tour will take the HuffPost crowd to Lincoln, Des Moines and Kansas City among other semi-rural pit stops.

The people at HuffPost, formerly known as the Huffington Post, have a lot to learn. During the primary season, editors relegated discussion of President Trump to the entertainment section, thinking his candidacy beneath their dignity. After it was obvious Trump would be the Republican candidate they decided to attach a disclaimer to all stories about him, warning readers Trump was a xenophobe and a racist. On the very eve of the election of the election, November 7, the HuffPost tweeted, “Our pollsterpolls model gives @Hillary Clinton a 98.1 chance of winning the presidency.”

“Trust in media has bottomed out,” say the editors in announcing the safari. Can’t imagine why!

“We will travel the old-fashioned way — via bus — to 20-plus states to hear from some of the under-heard, diverse Americans who make up the communities that form much of our nation,” the HuffPost tells us. The contacts the editors have chosen to work through, however, are likely the ones who actually take HuffPost seriously–“community leaders, nonprofits, educational institutions, local businesses and others.”

Say the editors, “We’ll make sure people know we’re there to listen.” If they really wanted to learn something, they would talk to tea party groups, gun clubs, pro-life activists, churchgoers, home schoolers, and the Sentinel staff. We haven’t got our invitation yet. Have you?

The Twitter universe was unkind. Some samples mock tweets:

Where’s the Whole Foods? OMG, where is WHOLE FOODS, people? I actually got a PLASTIC grocery bag today. .”

 Report: saw a truck with a gun rack. Literally. Shaking.”

 Before I could call AAA because I had a flat tire, two guys in a pickup asked if they could help. Literally. Shaking.”

“I asked some guys if they wanted to hook up (for research) and now we’re all fishing from a pond.” .”

And under a photo of a possum with her seven tiny offspring: “OMG, even their animals have too many babies!.”


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