Capitol Police are investigating an alleged threat by a former Gov. Brownback advisor against the highest ranking Democrat in the Kansas Senate, and another former Brownback staffer issued a blistering response on Twitter.

Sen. Anthony Hensley, a Topeka Democrat, says that David Kensinger, a former Brownback advisor, pointed a finger gun in his direction and mouthed the word, “boom.” He reported the incident as a threat to Capitol Police who told the Kansas City Star they are investigating it.

When the Star sent Kensinger an email about it, Kensinger responded with a photo of “Baywatch” television star David Hasselhoff pointing finger guns and the word, “Seriously?”

“I had a very good, very brief conversation with a Capitol Police officer and it was very clear he regarded this as a waste of time. And so do I. Sen. Hensley owes these people an apology. These are people with serious work to do,” Kensinger later told the Kansas City daily.

Former Brownback staffer Ian Fury delivered a tweet storm in response. He tweeted photos of celebrities and professional athletes pointing finger guns and asked Hensley if he was attempting to have them taken off the air or the playing field.

Fury warned that the cast of the television show, “Full House” appears to be particularly violent, and suggested the Cleveland Cavaliers are considering trading JR Smith due to his habit of pointing celebratory finger guns.


Finally, Fury reminded members of the Kansas Legislature to put the safeties on their finger guns before going to bed. “It could be a life or death matter,” he tweeted.

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