It is something of a given that any organization that is not well grounded will be pushed to the left. Such is the case with the Girl Scouts.

The most telling detail in the Kansas City Star’s lengthy article about the decision by Kansas City, Kansas Archbishop Joesph Naumann to sever ties with the Girl Scouts comes in the concluding paragraph.

“I feel like we’re being discriminated against,” says Maria Walters, a former Girl Scout leader in the archdiocese, “We’ve been wiped from the archdiocese website, and we have no leadership role in the church at all. There’s nothing like this going on with the Boy Scouts.”

Walters’s response speaks to the problem. Her instinctive cry of “discrimination” suggests that Girl Scouts leadership sees the world from a progressive and feminist perspective, not a Christian one. She asks not how can we better serve the Church but why is the Church disserving us.

It is something of a given in contemporary America that any organization that is not well grounded will be pushed to the left. Such is the case with the Girl Scouts. As a case in point the gsblog shares stories of Girl Scouts in action.

On May 1, the top item instructs the girls to “celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.” In its eagerness to Balkanize America, the Girl Scouts lumps together females from wildly disparate cultures and gives them a group identity distinct from other Americans.

The next item on the blog tells how two Girl Scout troops in California “worked with their local mosque to host an open house.” Apparently, three Muslim Girl Scouts “just put their foot down and said, ‘What’s happening on TV, what’s being said about us isn’t true.’” What’s not true? The genital mutilation? The stoning of rape victims? The denial of driver’s licenses to women? The honor killings? The forced subjugation? All lies?

After a couple of benign posts, the next one is headlined, “The Road from the Brownies to the United Nations.” One 12-year-old participant told how after her experience, “I decided that in addition to my identities as a student, Girl Scout, and young woman, I was a feminist.” Swell.

This girl’s greatest honor was to serve on the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). This is the outfit that gave world the notorious Bejing Declaration. The declaration repeats endless times, in several different ways–wink, wink–that women must “have access to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable methods of family planning of their choice, as well as other methods of their choice for regulation of fertility which are not against the law.”

By contrast, although hardly immune from progressive pressure, the Boy Scouts of America has stayed much truer to its roots. On its blog, you find articles like “Scout Saves Friend From Drowning in Septic Tank” and “Boy Scouts Replant Orange Trees Thieves Stole from a Church.”

Unlike the Girl Scouts, BSA policies have not inspired the creation of a competitive scouting entity more wedded to traditional values. As the Star notes, “American Heritage Girls, founded in 1995, has become an option for those who say Girl Scouts has become too liberal and has relationships with organizations that support abortion rights and do not share traditional family values.”

These, of course, are “allegations the Girl Scouts deny.” But more and more, those denials ring hollow to anyone, like Archbishop Naumann, who is paying attention.


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  1. Sorry, but the BSA (at least in NJ) has decided they will accept a “transgender boy” (read girl) as a troop member. if that’s a commitment to “tradition” I must be missing something.

  2. Why can’t everyone just agree with the extreme right-wing viewpoints of this website? Oh wait it’s a free country. Did the one woman on your staff write this or the several rich old white men on your staff? I’m guessing the anti-feminist rhetoric is from one of the rich old white men. All of the posts are so ridiculous though, it’s probably just the editor sitting in his basement yelling at the progress in society he’s so against.