“Betsy DeVos would make a really good beauty queen,” says the Star’s Sanchez. A little sexism, ay Mary?

According to the Kansas City Star’s Mary Sanchez, the “defining feature” of Kansas City Academy is that its faculty members “encourage self-expression and critical thinking.” A private school, KC Academy has certainly convinced itself that Sanchez is correct in her assessment. “Students are empowered to find their voice, encouraged to question, and prepared to shape the future,” the school’s web site assures prospective students.

If Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos believed the school’s promotional material before her visit on Friday, she had to come away deeply disappointed. The students, presumably with faculty encouragement, tried their best to insult DeVos with every petty politically correct cliché in the Marxist 101 playbook.

Sanchez loved every bit of it. “Immigrant rights, Black Lives Matter and respect for LGBT people were repeated themes,” Sanchez enthuses. From her perspective, the highlight was the hand-drawn signage on the bathrooms, one showing just stalls and the other showing urinals and stalls. “No more guidance needed to be offered,” gushes Sanchez, moved by the boldness of the progressive boilerplate.

The irony ran deep on Friday, too deep for the student who put together a flow chart having to do with education and vouchers. You see, DeVos is “controversial” because she has a passion for vouchers and charter schools. “It’s my feeling that the federal government has been too involved in K-12 education,” DeVos said on Friday. According to Sanchez, however, DeVos “often glosses over fears that her approach could undermine public schools.”

It as if Sanchez and the student forgot where they were. KC Academy is a private school, one whose free-wheeling curriculum is denied to students unable to afford all that self expression and critical thinking.

Although her experience at KC Academy may have dissuaded her, DeVos would like to see more students have an opportunity to attend more diverse schools.
If the students at KC Academy support “social justice,” as they claim, and promote “critical thinking,” they should endorse DeVos’s position.

They don’t because, as they proved on Friday, their education is a fraud. They wouldn’t know a critical thought if some rogue student stuck one into their inevitable “farm-to-table lunches.”

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