A reporter for ProPublica is fighting mad. Apparently, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach hasn’t given her time that she thinks she deserves.

Jessica Huseman is stationed behind Kobach as he defends Kansas’ voter registration laws in a federal case. Kobach’s offense, other than being Kobach, is that he has spoken with other media and not her. She sounds more like a jealous, jilted lover than professional reporter in a tweet storm raging about the Secretary’s supposed slight.

“I just want to add here that I’ve asked Kobach for interviews since it was announced in May he’d lead the presidential commission,” she tweeted. “All have been ignored or denied. The only time he’s ever spoken to me was when I followed him around the room at the 2nd (and last) commission meeting.”

Huseman writes for ProPublica, one of several investigative journalisms outfits funded by the leftist George Soros via the Open Society Institute. Huseman boasts on her Twitter profile that she’s also a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism. The school’s vaunted Columbia Journal Review is itself a beneficiary of Soros funding. At last count, according to Media Research Center, it had received $600,000 from Soros.

Yet, she’s stunned that Kobach isn’t granting exclusive interviews to her particular publication. She demanded answers from Kobach’s team during the trail, and was told Kobach wouldn’t be answering questions until the trial, now in its fifth day, is over.


“The spokesperson said I would get no answers until after the trial,” Husman tweeted. “She did not answer why she’s giving some reporters interviews and not other. She said when she told me I could email questions over the weekend she ‘didn’t specify’ when she’d get back. Then she walked away.”

Though public officials work for the people, they aren’t required to answer her questions first or give someone from New York City exclusive access. Huseman’s huffy tweets expose her as an entitled snowflake, rather than a reporter intent on getting the truth out to readers.

Kobach can give interviews when and where he chooses. Huseman should quell her meltdown.

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