On Sunday, the Wichita Eagle ran a lengthy article from the Forth Worth Star-Telegram documenting alleged sex abuse within the independent fundamental Baptist movement. For those who belong to such churches or those who have a grudge against organized religion, the article is worth the read.

One word not mentioned in the article, however, is “Kansas.” The incidents cited occurred “from Connecticut to California,” but none took place in Kansas. If the Eagle editors were equally vigilant about sex abuse in their local public schools, one could understand their concern for Baptists nationwide, but they are not.

Concordia music teacher Kevin Johnson pled guilty in June to a charge of conspiracy to commit unlawful sexual relations with a student.

To be fair, the Eagle typically reports the initial arrest. A headline from March of this year reads, “Second USD 333 staff member arrested for suspected sex crimes, police say.” One would think that two arrests in a week–one male teacher, one female–in a town as small as Concordia would merit some follow-up, but not from the Eagle.

In February, the Eagle reported on the arrest of a Derby teacher charged with 11 counts of of sexual exploitation of a child. Two years earlier, Steven Young, an eighth-grade social studies teacher at Derby North Middle School, pled guilty to one count of electronic solicitation of a child and was sentenced to three years in prison. 

In January 2108, a Wichita special ed teacher was arrested for aggravated sexual battery of a mentally deficient person. In October 2017, a female Kansas biology teacher in Hiawatha was arrested for having sexual relations with a student. In October, another female teacher from Caney was given probation for having sex with a student. In October, a male Arkansas City teacher was arrested on suspicion of unlawful sexual relations. A year earlier a male Chanute teacher was arrested for having sex with a student.

The assaults go on and on, and the Eagle does little if anything beyond reporting the initial arrest. The reason for the silence is not hard to understand. The media and the teachers unions share an allegiance to the Democratic Party.

The Eagle, like its sister publication the Kansas City Star, is keen on exposing church scandals but is equally keen on protecting the teachers unions. Church scandals embarrass the right. Teacher scandals would embarrass the left. It’s pretty much that simple.


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