As reported by Brianna Childers of the Topeka Capital-Journal, protesters gathered Monday outside of the Kansas statehouse “in response to news of three women alleging Kavanaugh sexually assaulted them, including Christine Blasey Ford, who testified last week before a Senate panel.”

One of those woman was Julie Swetnick. It was who came forward through the agency of porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti with a tale so rococo that even Avenatti had a hard time swallowing it. According to Swetnick, Judge Brett Kavanaugh orchestrated a rape gang that spiked girls’ drink and then took advantage of them.

Swetnick walked much of that back on her NBC interview, but she is still one of the three women protesters want us to believe. Indeed, the rally was called,  “We Believe Survivors! Cancel Kavanaugh!” No one appeared to mention Mary Jo Kopechne at the Topeka rally, but then again she wan’t a “survivor.”

Just what Swetnick survived is questionable. On Tuesday, former Democratic congressional candidate Dennis Ketterer sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee. He and Swetnick dated in the 1990s.

Wrote Ketterer, “Things got derailed when Julie told me she liked to have sex with more than one guy at a time.” She told him also that she had done this several times while in high school–with no mention ever of rape or gang rape–and wondered whether he would be interested in doing the same now. He wasn’t, and he decided to call off the relationship.

When Ketterer decided to run for Congress, he called to see if Swetnick, a Democrat, would work on his campaign. Having lost her number, he called her father who told him that Swetnick had “psychological and other problems,” and he had better steer clear of her.

Swetnick’s father should have offered that advice to the media, Senate Democrats, and the pathetic, hypocritical protesters in Topeka.



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